Legal Structure

Properties acquired are held in newly established property nominee companies. These companies enter into a Deed of Trust to hold the property on trust for the syndicate of participating Investors, each of whom owns a defined share of the property. After the sale of the property the companies are struck off to ensure that no residual liabilities arise thereafter.

Financial Services and Markets Acts

The nominee company is the legal owner of the property and holds it on trust for sale for the syndicate members as beneficial tenants in common. The syndicate members have day-to-day control over all the arrangements affecting a property – the professional advisers have no independent discretion. Therefore the syndication is neither an “investment” nor a “collective investment scheme” within the meaning of the Financial Services Acts. As such, neither the Financial Services Compensation Scheme nor the Ombudsman Scheme created pursuant to that Act would be available to syndicate members in respect of any claims or otherwise in relation to these arrangements.

The Trust Deed, which regulates how each property is held, requires the nominee company to ensure that the Syndicate Managers obtain the consent or instruction ofall the syndicate members before taking any action in relation to the property. Furthermore, the syndicate members can require the nominee company to transfer the property into the names of some or all of the syndicate members, the director and secretary of the nominee company taking no part in the day-to-day running of the property, or in the decisions that have to be made by the syndicate members.

These arrangements must take effect both in form and in substance and although decisions are not required with any great frequency, a syndicate member must be prepared to take part in them when necessary, in co-operation with other members, and with unanimity of purpose.

Money Laundering Regulations

These regulations require us to confirm the identity of new Clients and satisfy ourselves as to their probity. Should you wish to participate in our property investment syndicates, when returning the Registration Form, please enclose copies of your current Passport and a Utility Bill/Driving Licence showing proof of address, together with the name and address of a fiscal referee, such as your Accountant, Solicitor, or Pension Administrator. If you wish to co-invest with your spouse a copy of their Passport will also be required.


Should an Investor wish to realise his investment prior to the maturity of the investment strategy for the property, 29k , as the Syndicate Managers, will offer the share at the required price to the other syndicate members in the first instance, and thereafter, if necessary, to investors outside that particular syndicate.