5 reasons why the UK property market should be on your radar

October 30, 2016

For the seasoned investor, the overseas property market is the next big avenue to build a long-term income opportunity. The Founder and Principal Adviser of 29k Asset Management (UK) Ltd, Prashanth Prabhu talks about the 5 reasons why investors should consider the UK property market for their next investment.

Demand & Supply
While demand for houses has picked up post the worldwide financial crisis of 2008, supply hasn’t kept up in the United Kingdom, leading to an acute shortage of housing. This imbalance in demand and supply is a prized opportunity for investors looking at long-term value investing.

Clear Documentation
Properties in the UK come with a clear track of title which makes the documentation process easier. As part of our UK Property Syndicate business, document archiving is our prime requirement. Some of the properties we have purchased for our clients are from the 19th century and even so have title deeds and other necessary documents available, for us to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership.

Regulated Agents
Investing in a property abroad means ensuring that you have an adept team to handle requirements and maintain the property. UK has no dearth of property managers and facilitators who are professionals at their job and are well regulated. Our power team in the UK consists of RICS Surveyors, Accountants, Solicitors, Sourcing Agents, Letting Agents and Contractors.

Ease of Transaction
The systems and processes are well advanced in the UK which make transactions that much easier. This  has allowed us to build processes that lets clients identify, shortlist and purchase a property that suits their strategy from the comfort of their home-country.

Easy to understand law
Understanding the law of the country you are investing in is an often overlooked aspect but is one of the key factors in making a good investment decision. English law is simple to understand making it that much easier for you and your advisers to make legally fruitful decisions.

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